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Bayside High Red Golf Polo

Bayside High Red Golf Polo - Greater Half

Bayside High Red Golf Polo

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The Bayside High Red Golf Polo is a throwback commemoration of a popular sit-com that was Saved by the Bell. This candy apple red wash and wear casual short sleeve shirt features an all-around motif of the trappings of High School in brightly colored images. Whether you loved, hated or were indifferent about school, this dynamic red comfortable shirt with vibrant accents recall a day when education was honored. Tailored with a rounded double stitched hem, the Bayside High Red Golf Polo does not fade, is stain resistant and wrinkle free. This is a perfect fair-weather shirt with moisture wicking fabric technology for all ages and sizes. Everyone including teachers, jocks, and nerds will love the comforting stylish look and comfortable feeling of this delightfully whimsical shirt.




  • Super Soft Moisture Wicking Technology

  • Custom, Light Weight, Fully Sublimated Golf Polo

  • Abrasion Resistant Fabric

  • Polyester Blend With Added Stretch

  • Ultra Breathable

  • No Chance of Cracking, Fading, or Peeling

  • High Quality Custom Colors and Graphics